2nd Quarter ~ First Grade Work and Art

December 3, 2013 at 09:52

JS Editor

As part of the 2nd Grade IB unit Where We Are in Place and Time, our students worked on understanding how people, places, and lives change over time.  As part of our Grandparents’ Days, students talked about their relationships with their grandparents and discussed the different names they have for their grandparents.  Below you will see some depictions of the children’s grandparents and their writing about what makes them special.

Second Graders reflected on their hopes and dreams and were able to complete a writing prompt to communicate theirs for the future.

The students show off their mastery of Properties of Addition and their ability to follow glyphs in creating monsters and scarecrows.

Finally, please enjoy some opinion writing pieces as 2nd graders stretch their risk-taking muscles and honestly write about whether or not they like their own names.

You may click on the photos to see full-size images: