5th Grade PYP IB Exhibition

March 14, 2014 at 11:10

JS Editor


What is the PYP Exhibition?

-Culmination of PYP -A rite of passage from the PYP to the MYP -A celebration of learning -A demonstration of what it means to be a PYP student, applying what they have learned and who they have become throughout their journey in the PYP (essential elements) -Individual and group inquiry -Student centered 

What does the PYP Exhibition look like?

Goal: Following official PYP guidelines students will stage an exhibition demonstrating their understanding of the PYP.Role: Each student will contribute to the exhibition and make a presentation. Situation: Students decide what action to take to solve an identifiable local problem that also related to the bigger world. Product or performance: PYP Exhibition (the opportunity for students to share their message with the community and world!) Enduring Understanding: Have the children made a difference in the community and/or world and shown an understanding of the PYP essential elements?

Our 5th grade students will proudly display their chosen IB projects in the gym and be on-hand to explain and present their work.  More details, as well as a formal invitation to those families, will follow.