Chess Club Winding Down

April 17, 2014 at 14:05

JS Editor

Recently the John Strange Chess Club enjoyed Wacky Chess Day.  Friends and family were invited to come and try to outwit our chess ‘pros’ and enjoy playing chess in wacky or unusual ways.  Have you seen a three-tiered chess board?  What about a round chess board?  Can you imagine playing chess upside down?  How about having to move around chess pieces the same size as you?

Well if you haven’t had these experiences, please enjoy these photos below showcasing these fun challenges:

3 tier board kids1 kids2 kids3 life size1 life size2 life size3 life size4 round board1 upside down1 upside down2 upside down3 upside down4 wacky1

















Mr. Weichert’s after-school chess club will have its last meeting on Monday, April 21st.